The art of noise with a love affair for pop

Lia Mice's work grows from a partnership between electronic music performance and instrument design technology expressed through live audio-visual dance music and interactive sonic sculptures.


Releasing on Optimo Music, Mice's unique productions are the result of years of studio experimentation with technology old and new including analog samplers, Max/MSP, self-hacked instruments and 8-track tape.


Mice's all-hardware live AV sets incorporate custom-designed instruments and live voice sampling with audio-reactive visuals. Shape-shifting between hard-hitting beats and experimental soundscapes, she has performed live in UK and international venues including Corsica Studios (London), The Tate Modern (London), Mensch Meier (Berlin), WOMB (Tokyo) and DAMAS (Lisbon). Her high energy DJ sets explore the weirder side of electro, Italo, tech-noir, acid and experimental-pop. She is the resident DJ at London experimental AV dance party series Electrolights AV and has guested on NTS Radio, Rinse FM and Threads Radio.


As an instrument designer, Mice has collaborated with Native Instruments, The Barbican and The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust. She is a doctoral candidate in Media and Arts Technology at the Augmented Instruments Laboratory, Centre for Digital Music QMUL London and her instruments have been shown at Ars Electronica, The V&A and The Barbican.


Monocular sighted, Mice's early childhood was navigated in virtual blindness, an experience that forged her fascination with sound. In a 2016 interview with London's OMNII Collective she reflects on how her early relationship with sound continues to inform her music. "I’m always trying to sculpt immersive sonic landscapes like the ones I grew up in. Disintegration is part of that too. I lived by my Sony Walkman and played so many tapes to the point of destruction. I love that sound.”

​Lia Mice is currently based in London where she shares a recording studio with producers A'Bear and XNAME, and designs instruments and sonic sculptures. Otherwise, you can usually find her on the dance floor.​


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