Chaos Bells (2021)


Chaos Bells is a large scale digital musical instrument designed for performing live on stage. It has also been used in research studies as part of my PhD for exploring the influence of instrument size on music composition and performance. It is currently installed in the Performance Lab in the Engineering Building at Queen Mary University of London. Chaos Bells sounds like a cross between an electric guitar and bells. The lower register has more clear bass tones, while the upper register has many overtones/harmonics and sounds more bell-like. It has 20 pendulums that can be performed using hands or mallets. It can be performed percussively - when struck it creates short bell-like sounds. When the pendulums are tiled they drone. When tilted/held out at an angle above a threshold the drone becomes very chaotic - hence the name Chaos Bells.

Chaos Bells was used for a research study in which 10 London-based electronic music producers and performers created compositions on the instrument. The compositions will be live-streamed at the Augmented Instruments Lab concert on the 23rd of November 2021 via the Augmented Instruments Lab YouTube channel.

Chaos Bells has been performed/exhibited at:

Chaos Theory online concert, 20 September 2021 - watch below

Augmented Instruments Lab online concert 23 November 2021 - watch here