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INSTRUMENT SEMATARY is an interactive sonic artwork in which broken, pre-loved classical instruments that have been brought back to life with a weird new digital identity. Inspired by Stephen King's 1980’s horror story Pet Sematary in which deceased animals return to life with unfamiliar, evil personalities, and the current state of climate change emergency, this work questions the environmental impact of materials used in for musical instrument design in the digital age. The installation is created using embedded technology, amplified sound, UV light and pre-owned and disused classical instruments hacked together to produce a hybrid, frankenstein-esque instrument. 


INSTRUMENT SEMATARY forms both an interactive sculptural sound installation and a multiplayer instrument that uses new technology to explore spatial and gestural musical performance. The acoustic sounds created on the instruments are augmented with motion-reactive effects such as distortions, echoes and reverbs, controlled in real-time by embedded sensor data. Performers can change the effects settings by shaking the instrument to discover a never-ending range of horror-esque effects.

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