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I perform live experimental dance music with large sculptural instruments.
Lia Mice Islington Assembly Hall

Lia Mice Islington Assembly Hall

Lia Mice - Islington Assembly Hall

Lia Mice - Islington Assembly Hall

Lia Mice Islington Assembly Hall

Lia Mice Islington Assembly Hall

Lia Mice Album Launch 1_1

Lia Mice Album Launch 1_1

Lia Mice TAB Singapore 2015

Lia Mice TAB Singapore 2015

Selected solo performances

The Institute of Contemporary Art LONDON ◆ The Barbican LONDON ◆ Tate Modern LONDON ◆ Somerset House LONDON ◆ Corsica Studios LONDON ◆ Mensch Meier BERLIN ◆ Museum of Arts & Design NEW YORK ◆ WOMB TOKYO ◆ DAMAS LISBON ◆ Saloon TOKYO ◆ Santo's Party House NEW YORK ◆ Rye Wax LONDON ◆ Espace B PARIS ◆ Empty Bottle CHICAGO ◆ Green Door Store BRIGHTON ◆ TAB SINGAPORE ◆ Sled Island Festival CALGARY ◆ Tasogare Festival TOKYO ◆ Festival Novosonic DIJON ◆ Goldrush Festival DENVER ◆ Bigsound Festival  BRISBANE ◆ Death By Audio NEW YORK ◆ Glasslands Gallery NEW YORK ◆ The Bee KUALA LUMPUR 
Lia Mice - live at Islington Assembly Hall London (full set)
Lia Mice 'We Are The Beat' - live at Islington Assembly Hall London
The sampler as a time machine
artist talk and live set at the tate modern 

​Audio-reactive visuals by They Said They Saw (Iqono Ltd) AKA Miguel Domingo-Redondo. Live tracks performed: We Are The Beat, Overwrite The Past, Time Can Break In.

We are the beat live at the Tate Modern

"A pioneer of experimental electro-pop, Lia Mice delivers the highly creative and deeply atmospheric album ‘The Sampler As A Time Machine’, released on Optimo Music on 9 November 2018. The kaleidoscopic and experimental-dance tracks are thematically based on an artist talk and live set which Lia Mice premiered at The Tate Modern earlier in 2018." - Kaltblut Magazine​. Audio-reactive visuals by They Said They Saw (Iqono Ltd) AKA Miguel Domingo-Redondo.

Full list of past performances


19/01/2024 (live set with The Catastrophone performed by Andrew Booker) IKLECTIK w/ Graham Dunning's Mechanical Techno, IKLECTIK London UK
16/02/2024 (live set) w/ Dubais, The Bee's Mouth, Brighton & Hove UK


28/04/2023 (Live AV set) Cafe Oto w/ Shit & Shine, London UK 
30/04/2023 (Live AV set) IKLECTIK Art Lab w/ Enxin/Onyx 
16/05/2023 (Improvised live set with Chaos Bells + Daniel Wyche on guitar and effects) Corsica Studios, London

18/05/2023 (Live set) Lost Valley Opening Night at The Carpet Shop, London w/ Ambient Babestation Meltdown, Odd Lust & Kid Who
22/06/2023 (Live AV set) Control Voltage at TwentyOne, Southend-On-Sea w/ A'Bear
17/08/2023 (live AV set) Lost Valley at The Carpet Shop, Peckham London
28/10/2023 (Live set with The Catastrophone performed by Liz Godoy) The Albany, Deptford London with OVERCOMELT
21/11/2023 (
Live Set with Catastrophone performed by Andrew Booker) with Maria Chavez,Jordi Wheeler, Valentina Magaletti (DJ) - Cafe Oto, London UK
08/12/2023 (Live set) Firstsite Gallery 'Lates', Colchester UK
21/12/2023 (Live AV Set) Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane Australia 
29/12/2023 (Live Set) The Bearded Lady, Brisbane Australia


5/3/2022 (Live AV set feat. Chaos Bells) Supersonic Festival IWD, Centrala, Birmingham UK
6/3/2022 daytime (Live AV set feat. Chaos Bells) Kids Gig! Deliaphonic presented by Supersonic Festival, Draper's Hall, Coventry UK
6/3/2022 night time (Live AV set feat. Chaos Bells) Deliaphonic presented by Oram Awards, Draper's Hall, Coventry UK
8/4/2022 (Live AV Set w/ Chaos Bells) Sonorities Festival, Resist @ Banana Block, Belfast
9/4/2022 (Talk on Chaos Bells instrument & Research) Sonorities Symposium, SARC, Belfast
23/4/2022 (DJ set) Music from the Augmented Instruments Lab, IKLECTIK Art Lab, London
2/5/2022 (Chaos Bells Demo) Interactivity Session, CHI Conference, New Orleans USA
3/5/2022 (Talk on Chaos Bells), CHI Conference, New Orleans USA
23/7/2022 (Live AV Set) Sweat Like Caramel Album Release Party, IKLECTIK, London UK


20/09/2021 (Livestreamed Live Set with CHAOS BELLS), Chaos Theory, London UK - watch back here
30/10/2021 (Live set) The Old Pint Pot for Fat Out Fest, Salford UK

23/11/2021(Live-streamed: 10 performances of Chaos Bells, Augmented Instruments Lab online concer - watch back here


07/02/2020 (Live AV set with THE PRISM BELL) Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) London UK
12/07/2020 (Live set) Threads International Festival, The Cause (Livestreamed), London UK
13/09/2020 (Live performance of THE PRISM BELL) Ars Electronica Festival (Livestreamed), Linz AUSTRIA
9/12/2021 (Live-streamed Experimental Pop Video Work) Oram Awards Winners Ceremony via Supersonic Festival x Oram Awards


16/03/2019 (Live AV set) No-One's Watching, SET Dalston, LONDON UK
12/04/2019 (DJ set) Stour Space, LONDON UK
14/06/2019 (Live performance of INSTRUMENT SEMATARY) Music, Installations and Designs from the Augmented Instruments Lab, IKLECTIK, LONDON UK
15/06/2019 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV XIII, New River Studios, LONDON UK
21/06/2019 (Live set) Optimo Music 10th Birthday Party, White Hotel, MANCHESTER UK
22/06/2019 (Live set) Spatchcock Warehouse Party, LONDON UK
26/07/2019 (Live set) w/ Optimo, Phonox, LONDON UK
02/08/2019 (Live AV set with THE PRISM BELL) Supernormal Festival, OXFORDSHIRE, UK
17/08/2019 (Live AV set) The Delaware Road Festival, SALISBURY PLAIN, UK
12/09/2019 (Live AV set with THE PRISM BELL) w/ Objekt x Ezra Miller AV Set, Islington Assembly Hall, LONDON UK
15/10/2019 (Research talk about designing large instruments) Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research, MARSEILLE FRANCE
19/10/2019 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV XIV, New River Studios LONDON, UK
20/10/2019 (Live set) The Barbican, LONDON UK
30/11/2019 (Live AV set) Art Futura Festival, Rich Mix, LONDON UK
03/12/2019 (Talk) Paper presentation, Technology in Music Performance (TiMP) Symposium, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, BIRMINGHAM UK
07/12/2019 (Live AV set featuring The Prism Bell) w/ The Field, Oslo, LONDON UK


17/01/2018 (Live set) Rye Wax, LONDON UK

14/02/2018 (DJ set) Rye Wax, LONDON UK

23/02/2018 (Artist talk + live set)Tate Lates, Tate Modern, LONDON UK
21/03/2018 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV, Rye Wax LONDON UK

24/03/2018 (Live set) Off The Cuff Bar, LONDON UK

25/04/2018 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV, Rye Wax, LONDON UK

21/04/2018 (Live set feat. REELTIME instrument) The Cause, LONDON UK

30/05/2018 (live set) Rye Wax, LONDON UK

20/06/2018 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV, Rye Wax, LONDON UK

05/07/2018 (live set) Old Paradise Yard Open Studios, IKLECTIK, LONDON UK

13/07/2018 (live set) Madame Claude, BERLIN GERMANY

18/07/2018 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV, Rye Wax, LONDON UK
25/07/2018 (DJ set) FAME THROWA, Five Bells LONDON UK
11/08/2018 (Live set) Noise Shed, Windmill Brixton LONDON UK

04/09/2018 (DJ set) La Leif EP Launch, SET Dalsto, LONDON UK
27/09/2018 (Live set) WITCiH Festival, Barge House, LONDON UK

29/09/2018 (Live set) Cafe 1001, LONDON UK
31/10/2018 (DJ set) Ignota Halloween Party, Somerset House, London UK
01/11/2018 (Live set) IKLECTIK, LONDON UK

08/11/2018 (Live set) Railway Hotel SOUTHEND, UK

09/11/2018 (Live set) Mensch Meier BERLIN, GERMANY

10/11/2018 (Live set) "Shakti Electrik" Le Lequium LILLE, FRANCE

22/11/2018 (Live set) Maus Habitos PORTO, PORTUGAL

23/11/2018 (Live set) Atlas Hostel LEIRIA, PORTUGAL

28/11/2018 (Live set + artist talk) The Library OXFORD, UK
30/11/2018 (Live set) DAMAS Lisboa LISBON, PORTUGAL
01/12/2018 (Live set) New River Studios LONDON, UK

02/12/2018 (Live set) Green Door Store BRIGHTON, UK

08/12/2018 (Live set) Chimeres Space ATHENS, GREECE

29/12/2018 (Live set) Corsica Studios, LONDON, UK


Lia Mice live AV set featuring The Prism Bell (performed by A'Bear), Islington Assembly Hall LONDON UK 12th of September 2019

Photo by Jake Davis


05/02/2017 (DJ Set) - Electronik Netwerk, Vinyl Deptford, LONDON UK

04/03/2017 (Live set) Rose & Crown, LONDON UK

25/03/2017 (DJ Set) - Electronik Netwerk, Vinyl Deptford, LONDON UK

02/04/2017 (DJ Set) Electronik Netwerk, Vinyl Deptford, LONDON UK

12/04/2017 (Live set) Rye Wax, LONDON UK

18/05/2017 (Live set) DIY Space for London, LONDON UK
02/06/2017 (Live set) Gunners, LONDON UK

06/06/2017 (Live set) NoizeMaschin!! #14, Amersham Arms, LONDON UK

12/08/2017 (Live set) Electrolights AV, Rye Wax, LONDON UK
25/10/2017 (DJ set) ELECTROLIGHTS AV III, Rye Wax, LONDON UK

01/11/2017 (Live set) ExFed N4 1DN, LONDON UK

04/11/2017 (Live set) Dronica Festival #6, The Old Church, LONDON UK

10/11/2017 (Live set) Paper Dress Vingage, LONDON UK


Lia Mice live AV set at The Sampler As A Time Machine LP launch party, New River Studios LONDON UK 1st of December 2018

Photo by Laura Kate Bemrose


01/02/2016 (Live set) Student Union Goldsmiths University, LONDON, UK

23/02/2016 (Live set) Fame Throwa #4, The Birds Nest, LONDON, UK
25/02/2016 (Live set) Smiths Magazine Party, Goldsmiths University SU, LONDON, UK
07/04/2016 (Live set) Cinematic Room, Saloon, TOKYO, JAPAN

08/04/2016 (Live set) Midnight - Onsen Records Party, Epok, OSAKA, JAPAN

08/04/2016 (Live set) Afternoon - Cafe & Bar Gigi, FUKUOKA, JAPAN

09/04/2016 (Live set) Tasogare Festival, Komyo-Ji Temple, TOKYO, JAPAN

26/04/2016 (Live set) The Birds Nest, LONDON, UK

16/06/2016 (Live set) WisWos Festival, Goldsmiths University, LONDON UK

17/06/2016 (Live set) Bestival Festival at Goldsmiths University, LONDON, UK
17/07/2016 (LIve set) Surrounding #6, The Surround, Safe-House, LONDON UK

02/10/2016 (DJ set) Electronik Netwerk, Vinyl Deptford, LONDON UK

07/10/2016 (Live set) The Lumen Lake #8, Lewisham Art House, LONDON UK

06/11/2016 (DJ Set) - Electronik Netwerk, Vinyl Deptford, LONDON UK
04/12/2016 (DJ Set) - Electronik Netwerk, Vinyl Deptford, LONDON UK

Lia Mice _ Rye Wax 7_LauraKateBemrose.JP

Lia Mice DJ set at Rye Wax, LONDON UK 25th of October 2017

Photo by Laura Kate Bemrose


21/02/2015 (Live set) Espace B, PARIS, FRANCE

27/03/2015 (Live set) This Is Manoir, LYON, FRANCE

16/04/2015 (Live set) Blackbear Lodge, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

17/04/2015 (Live set) Brighton Up Bar, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIATuesday 17 Feb - Le Sonic, LYON, FRANCE

18/04/2015 (Live AV set) The Grace Darling Bandroom, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

23/04/2015 (Live set) The Bee, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

26/04/1015 (Live AV set) TAB, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE

10/10/2015 (Live set) Vinyl Deptford, LONDON, UK

31/10/2015 (Live set) Vinyl Deptford, LONDON, UK

08/11/2015 (Live set) Vinyl Deptford, LONDON, UK

01/12/2015 (Live set) NoizeMaschin!! London #2, Amersham Arms, LONDON, UK

11/12/2015 (Live film score) Great Hall, Goldsmiths University, LONDON, UK


Lia Mice live at TAB, SINGAPORE 26th of April 2015


31/01/2014 (Live set) Mercury Lounge, BROOKLYN, USA

02/02/2014 (Live set) Glasslands, BROOKLYN, USA

05/09/2014 (Live AV set) Tokyo Sing Song, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

11/09/2014 (Live AV set) Brightside, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

08/10/2014 (Live set) Pinhook, DURHAM, USA

10/10/2014 (Live set) Russian Recording, BLOOMINGTON, USA

11/10/2014 (Live set) Bric-A-Brac Records, CHICAGO, USA

12/10/2014 (Live set) Empty Bottle, CHICAGO, USA

14/10/2014 (Live AV set) Baby’s All Right, BROOKLYN, USA

22/10/2014 (Live set) Santo’s Party House, NEW YORK, USA

22/10/2014 (Live set) Pianos, NEW YORK, USA

05/12/2014 (Live set) Epok, OSAKA, JAPAN

06/12/2014 (Live set) Komyo-Ji Temple, TOKYO, JAPAN

09/12/2014 (Live set) Kirchherr, HAMAMATSU, JAPAN

14/12/2014 (Live set) Hisomine, SAITAMA, JAPAN 


19/10/2013 (Live set) Pianos, NEW YORK, USA


11/01/2012 (Live set) Croatian Club, NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA

12/01/2012 (Live set) Yours & Owls, WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA

13/01/2012 (Live set) Dirty Shirlow’s, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

15/01/2012 (Live set) Worker’s Club, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

20/01/2012 (Live set) Alhambra, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

04/03/2012 (Live set) Death By Audio, BROOKLYN, USA

05/03/2012 (Live set) The Level Room, PHILADELPHIA PA, USA

06/03/2012 (Live set) Sidebar, BALTIMORE MD, USA

07/03/2012 (Live set) Gallery 5, RICHMOND VA, USA

08/03/2012 (Live set) House party, KNOXVILLE TN, USA

08/03/2012 (Live set) Pilot Light, KNOXVILLE TN, USA

09/03/2012 (Live set) Savannah Stop Over, SAVANNAH GA, USA

10/03/2012 (Live set) Big House, ATLANTA GA, USA

11/03/2012 (Live set) The Maison Penthouse, NEW ORLEANS LA, USA

13/03/2012 (Live set) Skinny’s, AUSTIN TX , USA

14/03/2012 (Live set) Chain Drive, AUSTIN TX, USA

14/03/2012 (Live set) Seaport Music Fest SXSW, Blue Theatre, AUSTIN TX, USA

17/03/2012 (Live set) AFHC SXSW, Grackle, AUSTIN TX, USA
18/03/2012 (Live set) Annual Panache SXSW Hangover, Beerland, AUSTIN TX, USA

21/03/2012 (Live set) During Hall, JACKSON TN, USA

23/03/2012 (Live set) The Pinhook, DURHAM NC, USA

24/03/2012 (Live set) Monserrat House, WASHINGTON DC, USA

08/04/2012 (Live set) Glasslands, BROOKLYN NY, USA

11/04/2012 (Live set) Hartzine Festival Fake Series, Espace B PARIS, FRANCE

12/04/2012 (Live set) Le Pied De Biche PARIS, FRANCE

14/04/2012 (Live set) Le Rouge LILLE, FRANCE

15/04/2012 (Live set) Le Porte Sans Cle CAEN, FRANCE

17/04/2012 (Live set) Saint-Ex BORDEAUX, FRANCE

18/04/2012 (Live set) Le Sonic LYON, FRANCE

21/04/2012 (Live set) Danku Dans L’Cul Festival LEIDEN, HOLLAND

24/04/2012 (Live set) Balades Sonores PARIS, FRANCE

25/04/2012 (Live set) Herr Hotter MUNICH, GERMANY

26/04/2012 (Live set) King Kong Klub BERLIN, GERMANY

28/04/2012 (Live set) Final Bar PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC

29/04/2012 (Live set) House Show CHOMUTOV, CZECH REPUBLIC

01/05/2012 (Live video set) SVNSNS Basement PARIS, FRANCE

16/05/2012 (Live set) Union Pool, BROOKLYN NY, USA

23/05/2012 (Live set) Noise Salon w/ Greem Jellyfish - Secret Project Robot, BROOKLYN NY, USA

27/05/2012 (Live set) Saint Vitus BROOKLYN, NY

07/06/2012 (Live set) Big Snow Buffalo Lodge BROOKLYN, USA

23/06/2012 (Live set) w/ Daedelus & Archimedes - Sled Island Festival, HiFi Club CALGARY ALBERTA, CANADA

30/06/2012 (Live set) The Delinquency BROOKLYN NY , USA

10/07/2012 (Live set) The Hose, Brooklyn NY, USA

12/07/2012 (Live set) Cake Shop, LOWER EAST SIDE NY, USA​

28/07/2012 (Live set) The Hose, Brooklyn NY, USA

15/08/2012 (Live set) Manhattan Inn, BROOKLYN NY, USA

17/08/2012 (Live set) Mini Golf Opening Party - Knockdown Center, BROOKLYN, USA

24/08/2012 (Live AV set) Babycastles Summit - Museum of Arts and Design, NEW YORK, USA

26/08/2012 (Live set) Death By Audio, BROOKLYN, USA

05/09/2012 (Live AV set) Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, BROOKLYN, USA

21/09/2012 (Live set) Alhambra, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

05/10/2012 (Live set) Green Door Store, BRIGHTON, UK 

06/10/2012 (Live AV set) Garage Mu, PARIS, FRANCE

11/10/2012 (Live set) Balades Sonores, PARIS, FRANCE

12/10/2012 (Live set) Bar Hic, RENNES, FRANCE

13/10/2012 (Live set) BREST, FRANCE

14/10/2012 (Live set) Le Rouge, LILLE, FRANCE

18/10/2012 (Lives set) Cafe Central, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

20/10/2012 (Live set) SVN SNS HQ, PARIS, FRANCE

27/10/2012 (Live AV set) Festival Novosonic – DIJON, FRANCE

29/10/2012 (Live AV set) L’International, PARIS, FRANCE


Lia Mice live at Museum of Arts and Design, New York USA, 24th of August 2012

Photo by Alex SVN SNS


22/01/2011 (Live set) Babycastles/Showpaper 42ndStGallery NY, US

03/02/2011 (Live set) Death By Audio BROOKLYN, USA

28/02/2011 (Live set) Pehrspace LOS ANGELES, USA

28/02/2011 (Live set) Origami Vinyl LOS ANGELES, USA

16/03/2011 (Live set) Houseparty SXSW AUSTIN, USA

17/03/2011 (Live set) House of Commons AUSTIN, USA

17/03/2011 (Live set) Aquarium/Birddog SXSW AUSTIN, USA

18/03/2011 (Live set) Domy Books KVRX SXSW AUSTIN, USA

19/03/2011 (Live set) The Grackle SXSW AUSTIN, USA

25/03/2011 (Live set) Cakeshop NEW YORK, USA

07/05/2011 (Live set) Silent Barn BROOKLYN, USA

14/05/2011 (Live set) w/LE1F, Clocktower Gallery NEW YORK, USA
17/05/2011 (Live set) w/Ela Orleans, Pianos NEW YORK, USA
25/05/2011 (Live set) The Social LONDON, UK
02/06/2011 (Live set) The Macbeth LONDON, UK

11/06/2011 (Live set) Browning St Studios BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

24/06/2011 (Live set) AVBO Warehouse Party, Bushwick BROOKLYN, USA

03/08/2011 (Live set) Glasslands BROOKLYN, USA
11/08/2011 (Live set) MNDR Public Assembly BROOKLYN, USA

19/08/2011 (Live set) Black Pus, Death By Audio BROOKLYN, USA
04/09/2011 (Live set) QXBXRX BROOKLYN, USA


23/09/2011 (Live remix set) Brisbane Fest BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
21/10/2011 (Live set) Waiting Room BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

29/10/2011 (Live set) X&Y BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA

11/11/2011 (Cymbal performer) Boadrum 111, BYRON BAY, AUSTRALIA

17/11/2011 (Live set) Womb, Shibuya, TOKYO, JAPAN 
19/11/2011 (Live set) Komyo-ji Temple TOKYO, JAPAN 

20/11/2011 (Live set) BULLET’S, Roppongi TOKYO, JAPAN

22/11/2011 (Live set) Under Deer Lounge, TOKYO, JAPAN 

25/11/2011 (Live set) Waiting Room, BRISBANE // AUSTRALIA

26/11/2011 (Live set) Pony Bar MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

18/12/2011 (Live set) Bar Matchless BROOKLYN. USA

31/12/2011 (Live set) The Annex BALTIMORE. USA


Lia Mice live at Clocktower Gallery, New York USA, 14th of May 2011


02/06/2010 (Live set) Cakeshop NEW YORK, USA

02/08/2010 (Live set) Silent Barn BROOKLYN, USA

23/09/2010 (Live set) Showpaper Short Term Deviations EFA Gallery NEW YORK, USA

20/10/2010 (Live set) Shea Stadium BROOKLYN, USA 


31/12/2009 (Live set) Home Sweet Home NEW YORK, USA

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