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Prism Bell (2019)

Short video about the Prism Bell created for Maker Music Festival 2021

The Prism Bell is a new oversized gesturally performed digital musical instrument that sounds like a cross between distorted electric guitar strings and a bell. Designed by Lia Mice, this instrument is constructed from reclaimed PVC pipes. As the pipes are modular, the shape of the instrument can be changed each time it is performed. Embedded in the pipes are sensors (piezos and/or analog accelerometers) that are connected to a Bela Mini that uses the sensor signals to burst a bespoke physical modeling synth that was created using Pure Data.


The Prism Bell has been performed/exhibited at:

Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire 2/08/2019

Islington Assembly Hall, London 12/09/2019

Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) London 07/02/2020

Maker Music Festival 15-16/05/2021


Janine A'Bear performing the Prism Bell at Islington Assembly Hall, 12th of September 2019. Photo by Jake Davis (Hungry Visuals).

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