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Tech Rider: Lia Mice with The Catastrophone

Lia Mice will perform a live set of electronic, experimental pop music from Lia’s latest albums Sweat Like Caramel (Objects Ltd), joined onstage by Andrew Booker performing The Catastrophone (Lia’s self-designed instrument).


Performers + Crew

Lia Mice

Andrew Booker (Catastrophone Performer)

Alex Wallwork (Roadie)


Tech request overview:

All beats and Lia’s voice come out of the Scarlett 2i2 interface

The Catastrophone has it’s own output (2 x instrument jacks) that will need their own DI

Sound person will need to balance a level for The Catastrophone to sit in with the rest of the audio.


Lia Mice will bring:

  • The Catastrophone: large instrument 2m wide, 2m tall, 20cm deep

  • Laptop

  • Ableton Push

  • Scarlett 2i2 interface

  • Microphone & cable

  • Keyboard stand with laptop stand

  • Mixer

  • In-ear monitors (wired to headphone-out of the Scarlett interface)

  • 2 x mono cables (for sending output of my interfece to the DIs)

  • 2 x mono cables (for sending output of The Catastrophone to the DIs)


The venue will supply:

  • 2 x DIs (that will take the 2 x mono cables from my mixer and send them to the PA)

  • A small table


Set up and pack down:

After Soundcheck Lia’s equipment will remain on stage ready to be performed. After her performance she will move her equipment offstage (can pack down the Catastrophone in approx. 10 minutes if needed ). 

Stage plot:

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 17.38.51.png

Images of The Catastrophone (more can be found HERE)

Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 17.38.58.png
Screenshot 2024-01-21 at 17.39.10.png

Performance description:

London-based multidisciplinary artist and designer of large musical instruments Lia Mice (Optimo Music, Objects Ltd) performs a live set of experimental-techno-infused-outsider-pop with her latest self-designed large instrument The Catastrophone: a 2 metres wide and tall percussively performed synth constructed by Lia Mice using sustainable materials including recycled paper -- specifically collaged images of cats, hence the name. Expect weirdo dance beats, experimental vocal sampling and catastraphonic synth sounds!

Video of past performance:

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